The consultancy offers two sets of services to clients, both of which outpace any competitive similar offering with ease. These services are Deal Structuring and Financial Advisory. The aim of the consultancy is to facilitate an environment where all involved parties are aligned in order to maximise their potential and their returns. The ease at creating these mutually beneficial scenarios is a result of the team’s in-depth understanding of the cultural and market related forces at play in the territories in which VRD operates.

This end-to-end service sets VRD up as a single point of contact across all verticals for the delivery of a successful project
A good deal structure is the difference between profit and value. At VRD, we ensure thorough due-diligence, analysing costs and asset quality; thereby formulating formidable negotiation positions, which significantly enhance the value to our partners.
VRD provides advisory services around transactions and raising capital. In addition, VRD also offers business modelling and valuations; thereby delivering need based customized financial advice.